Gursikh Brothers

During an interview with Bhai Prithvipal Singh Ji, he told us that he first met Bhai Rajinder Singh in 1973 when he was doing Asa Di Vaar Keertan at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Southall. Bhai Sahib was wearing all of their shastar, they used to wear chakkar around their dastaar, this inspired Bhai Bhai Prithvipal Singh Ji to also start wearing shastar and baana. 

From that time onwards Bhai Prithvipal Singh Ji became very close to Bhai Rajinder Singh Ji and their younger brothers, Bhai Ajaib Singh and Bhai Kuldeep Singh. Bhai Prithvipal Singh Ji would spend his winter holidays in Dudley with Bhai Sahib and family and became very interested in the idea of doing travelling Parchaar through CVJ. He told me that he observed one time Bhai Rajinder Singh Ji had spent the whole night doing Simran and was engrossed in meditation of VAHEGUROO. 

Over the years Bhai Prithvipal Singh accompanied Bhai Sahib on Sikhi parchaar trips with Chalda Vaheer Jatha International to Holland, Norway and the first world tour of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 1986-87. In the interview Bhai Prithvipal Singh said "...a candle can only be lit by another candle which has the true light", this is how he saw Bhai Sahib's impact on the Sikh Sangat during those travels and in Amrit Sanchaar seva. 

Great are those who follow the Guru's teaching, may we all be inspired to live such high spiritual jeevan.