• A Life of Seva

    A Life of Seva

    During his life, Bhai Sahib travelled around the world encouraging others to live a spiritual life in accordance to Gurmat teachings.

    He was recognized worldwide as a true devotee of Sikhi and is honored by the Akal Takht.This website is dedicated to his dedication for humanity.

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  • A Legacy

    A Legacy

    One of the most devoted Gursikhs of recent times, Bhai Sahib Jee left behind an eternal legacy inspiring generations.

    He travelled countries during his lifetime where Sikhs were far and few between, to give them the opportunity to learn about Sikhi and help them on their own spiritual paths

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Old is Gold

Image from a private collection in Delhi, from a Kirtan Rehnsbahi in 1978 (UK)

This photo is from Bhai Mehar Singh Ji's private collection in Delhi, from a Kirtan Rehnsbahi in 1978 (UK). I have never seen this photo before and it is amazing to have a photo from the early days of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK, as my father Bhai Rajinder Singh was Jathedar at that time. In this photo, you can see Bhai Mehar Singh doing kirtan, sitting next to him is Bhai Rajinder Singh, Bhai Pritam Singh 'Channi Ji' on tabla, Bhai Surat Singh 'Pooran Dar Ji' playing kartala, Bhai Banta Singh on the side of waja. 


O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Naam and dyed in the colour of truth; they take on intuitive peace and poise of the Guru. 

Great are those who follow the Guru's teaching, may we all be inspired to live such higher spiritual jeewan.



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